Winifred Scawen Blunt's Gown

Boué Soeurs

Thesis Update - Nearly There!

The Place of Fabrics: Cotton

The Place of Fabrics: Callimanco

High Life Below Stairs, and Elizabeth Canning

The Place of Fabrics: Stuff

The Place of Fabrics: Linen


Stays and Swatches


Museum Visit - Historic Cherry Hill

Open Robes

ENORMOUS Thesis Progress!

Visit - NYS Museum

The Anglaise Revisited

Frontier Style (1700-1800) Symposium

Lessons learned

Stone Fort Days!

Project is basically DONE

Two Things

The Caraco

New Commission: Breeches

Period Drama Week, Pt 2

This outfit is coming together

Period Drama Week Questions (I)

How do I say this ...


Incidentally, on looking at my stats

A look at Augusta Auctions

Jacket progress


Earlier 18th Century Caps

Some progress

Joining in the Bash

The Interesting Transition of the 1830s

Artistic Neoclassical Costume

Even More Sources

Yet More Sources - V&A

Petticoat and Corset

Silver Gala Dress: A More Thoughtful Post

18th c. Petticoat

The worst sewing project ever