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Galerie des Modes, 39e Cahier, 2e Figure

Boston MFA 44.1533 Round Cap with two rows of Linen [ruffles] with wide hems, streaked ribbon Round Cap with two rows of Linen [ruffles] with wide hems, ribbon tied in a bow, with a kerchief à la Marmotte Round Dormeuse  Cap or morning coiffure Baigneuse  of a new taste called the Galant  Negligé Peasant cornette Cap à la Pierrot Cap à la Gertrude Cap à la Laitière * * milkmaid Cap à la Reisser Cap à la Lyonnaise Cap à l'Enfant Cap  à l'Enfant Cap à la Cauchoise Cap à la Jeannot Cap à la Picarde Cap à l'Insurgente ( 1783 )

Galerie des Modes, 39e Cahier, 1ere Figure

Boston MFA 44.1532 Galant  hat with a kerchief à la Mirza Hat of a new taste called à la St. Leger  in the comté of Chiny New hat called à la Longwi , near Luxembourg Hat à la Granville  in the Duchy of Bar Hat à l'Augustine Hat à l'Epernaise , a province of Champagne Hat à la Berthelot ,* otherwise called à la Comtoise Hat à la Jeannot  of the Varietés Amusants ** * Possibly for Jeanne Agnès Berthelot de Pléneuf, marquise of Prie ** Jeannot was a play which premiered in 1780, by Beaunoir (Alexandre-Louis-Bertrand Ronineau) Hat à la Napolitaine The same Hat seen from the front Hat à l'Alexandrine Hat à l'Amazone Straw hat called à la Bergère* Hat à l'Irlandaise Hat à la Colinette galante Hat à l'Anglomane** ( 1783 ) * Shepherdess ** One who has "Anglomania"

Modern Style: Simplicity 3673

Modern Style is the title I gave to my Pinterest board intended to help me build up my wardrobe, which is kind of funny as most of the patterns are either vintage reprints or designed in a retro look. But the board is for everyday 21st century life, so. I started the board and the plan to revamp my dress in a retro style at a time when I thought I was going to have the perfect job for my skills and interests, and when that fell through I dropped the revamping. My part-time job didn't pay enough, and anyway you don't care too much about looking nice when you're icing cakes and bagging bread as quickly as possible - skirts, tights, and decent shoes are not what you want to wear in that situation. I did most of Simplicity 3673 while waiting to hear back on the job: I found out that I didn't get it before hemming it or putting in the zipper, so ... that's how it stayed for over a month. It wasn't until I got settled in and set up my sewing area and then worked fo

War & Peace; or, What Happened During the Napoleonic Wars? (HSM #4)

The idea that English and French dress diverged because communications were disturbed due to the conflict between the two countries is very common . In actual fact , the fashion of this period did see lines drawn along national lines, but not out of necessity. Let's start at the beginning. Was there a distinct difference between English and French fashions during the period of the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815)? A qualified yes. That there was a difference in women's styles is fairly apparent with a close look, whether it's through fashion plates: the French Journal des Dames et des Modes , 1807; the English La Belle Assemblée , 1807 or portraiture: " Félicité-Louise-Julie-Constance de Durfort ", 1808;  " Princess Amelia ", ca. 1807 or extant garments. Evening dress , French, ca. 1805; wedding dress , English, ca. 1807 French (and American) fashion left the purely Neoclassical influence behind in the first few years of the new century

Galerie des Modes, 38e Cahier, 5e Figure

Boston MFA 44.1530 Coiffure called " à la Lévite ": the front frizzed, with rolled curls all around and four baton-curls behind; loose curls on the side. ( 1781 )