I had one of those moments where I felt like everything I've done on this jacket has been wrong, why am I bothering, it's not going to fit and the print is ugly and not really period and I'm going to look like an idiot.  Then I attached the cuff I finished to the sleeve I'd set in and tried it on, which made the sleeve not look ridiculously short, and I started feeling so much better.

Okay, the linen is too heavy (maybe it's meant for a modern jacket or upholstery) and the print, which looked kind of like a painted pattern on the internet, is not really right for ... any period, really.  And I think I'm going to have to take tucks in the cap of the sleeve to make it less puffy.  But it fits and it is much more period than an "English bodice" so I think I will be all right.  To be honest, I think my problem is that all I ever see is really good stuff from the bloggers I follow - since I haven't really gone to any events before, I have no idea what the Woman in the Camp is wearing and assume they're all perfectly-outfitted and have expertly draped each other's gowns, etc. etc.  This may not be so.  At any rate, I'm going to have nice Fugawee shoes and I have awesome spiral hairpins to hold my bun in place (THEY ARE MAGNIFICENT), and I am going to have fun with my mom in her shortgown, which she has of course sewn perfectly.

I think I did pretty well this weekend.  Yesterday I was just cutting out the pieces, and this evening I have the whole body sewn together, a sleeve set in and a finished cuff pinned on.  All that's left is to set in the other sleeve (which won't take as long because I know what I'm doing now) and do that cuff, topstitch around the collar and front, totally scale up, fit, cut out, and sew the skirts, and make a few eyelets for lacing.  Easy peasy!


  1. BREATHE!!! Nice big deep breaths!

    If someone comes up to you at Ft. Ti and starts fussing over your kit, they have more things to worry about. The fashion police need not exist in this context. You know already if anything is off, and it can be fixed! Go and have a great time, then put some time into making it right! I am sure you will see people dressed MUCH worse than you (and this coming from a newbie!).

    I wish you were closer, my first piece of advice woul be to come play with us at The Hive!

  2. The thing is, I'm pretty sure nobody will say anything! But I get really paranoid that people are thinking I look dreadful and not saying it out of politeness. It's a pretty ... difficult issue. :D

    But I will have a great time, I'm sure! Thanks!


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