The worst sewing project ever

I feel like I shouldn't even write about this because it's been mostly done by my mom, but she is wonderful and the world needs to be educated. *blows her a kiss*

A while ago, one of my supervisors at the museum where I intern asked if I could make her a dress for a gala.  I said sure!  Because generally I can follow a pattern on the machine, although my specialty is fiddly handwork (I think).  And I sent her a selection of pattern URLs, including this as an afterthought, and that is the one that she chose.

Things I have learned from this experience:

  • Shiny, slippery rayon is very hard to deal with
  • Shiny, slippery silk charmeuse is even more difficult to deal with
  • All of this is especially bad when everything is on the bias
  • Asymmetry is confusing
  • Pleating into a panel is painstaking
  • Cowl necklines makes everything just a bit harder
All of this adds up into: I will probably never do 1930s costuming.

The most important lesson of all is, of course, that when Vogue says a pattern is advanced, they really mean it's advanced.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mom.


  1. OH, don't give up on 30's's beautiful, and the more you do of it, the better you get. I'm sure you weren't that bad at it...

  2. Now that I have a couple of days between me and the dress, I'm feeling more charitable towards the 30s. :D I don't see me making something bias-cut AND slippery AND asymmetrical, but I could do two out of three, probably.


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