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Magasin des Modes, 2e Cahier, Plate II

November 30, 1786 We said in the twenty-fifth Book  of the first Year  that the caps à la Turque  could bring back the great mounted caps, which went so well with women's faces that they removed and ruined straw hats and  chapeau-bonnettes , which most often uglified them, for the reasons we recorded, but which still broke them. One may judge between the two Busts shown in this Plate, if even the baigneuses , which are like the great mounted caps, do not perfectly suit. The baigneuse  that the Woman dressed in a  dawn-colored  satin gown wears has large pleats and is made of striped white gauze. It is trimmed with a dawn  ribbon with white stripes, which forms a large bow on the front. This Woman wears on her neck a full gauze kerchief en chemise , with three collars, held together with an arrow pin. In her ears hang gold rings à la Plaquette . Her hair is frizzed all over her head. Two curls which descend to the chest are allowed to escape on the side, and behind curl