Project is basically DONE

It feels really, really good to see all of the finished pieces.  (Well - I think I need a kerchief, but that's quick.)

Full shot!  Minus the front of the jacket, because the camera has to go somewhere.  Notice that I'm wearing my shoes from Fugawee!

There are three eyelets on each side, but when I laced through the bottom ones I just ... really didn't like the look.  They're too close together.   This isn't really what I'd call optimal, but I suppose it does what it needs to.

 Look at my cuff!  It's very odd, it looked more pleated before I sewed it on.  But I think it's better than it was before.

So, here the hat is just balancing on my head.  I'm not really sure how you're meant to keep it on.  What do you do, gentle readers?  Hatpin?  Sew on some ribbon ties?

I was trying to get a good picture of the tuck I took at the bust, but the light went all yellowy when I did.  You can kind of see how wide it is, I think.  And you can also see that the sleeve is too far off the shoulder.

I thought I'd take a picture of the pleat, which is actually kind of nice.  The only problem with it is that it sits right on the side of my hips instead of the side back and gives the kind of emphasis I don't really need.  I could see taking the skirt and the sleeves off at some point and shifting them around to fit better.  Just not right now, I have enough on my plate at the moment.


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