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Newish Hobby - Fountain Pens

It was kind of a surprise to me that I'd get involved in fountain pen mania, but thinking about it from a more distant perspective, it seems pretty obvious. It's not just that I'm into historical fashion - I wear clothes I've made from repro 1950s patterns, sew on a machine with a treadle, use a safety razor, heat food up on the stove/in my toaster oven rather than a microwave, walk everywhere, make yoghurt, and cook everything from scratch. I'm an eccentric. It's not that I reject "modern life" or anything like that - I just enjoy using/wearing things that are solid and well-made (well, that's debatable when it comes to my dresses), I like how these things look and function, and, possibly due to my straitened social life, I don't really care if I come off as weird. Fortunately, people seem to find it charming rather than off-putting, anyway. Fountain pens first came into my scope in a discussion online about little luxuries you do for your

Mimic of Modes Historic Patterns

At last, Julie and I have basically wrapped up all of the rewards for that Kickstarter campaign we ran some time ago! But whatever the roadblocks, all of the sewn rewards have been distributed, all of the digital patterns have been sent out, and I have passed on all of the ones meant to be printed to Julie and contacted anyone who filled out the survey as needing help. Many, many, many thanks to everyone who supported us. Going forward, however, I will not be with Dragonrose Historic Patterns, but will instead be running Mimic of Modes Historic Patterns . This really doesn't make much of a difference to you - I can still fulfill the "future pattern" rewards, and the overarching ethos of my patterns will still be the same: they'll be based on actual garments from museum or personal collections, some that are representative of the "average" and some that are interesting variations. I do plan to have standard sizes available as well as the custom sizi