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The Pink Pingat

I haven't written anything here in a while! The main reason is that I started to take a pattern from a corset at work to share, as I don't have one in my notebook already for the 1830s, and then started considering whether that's against policy, so decided I should stop until I discussed it with someone ... and then didn't ... and then, you know, the museum was closed and we all had to go home. So. In the meantime, I have  been working on Mimic of Modes patterns! (Everything's 50% off this week!) You may have noticed if you follow this blog's page on Facebook. I've made: The Very Easy Crinoline I don't know how much demand there is for this, given that crinolines can be purchased easily from Pin Up Girl and Unique Vintage and other shops, but I wanted more practice figuring out how to grade patterns and write instructions. There is also an excellent vintage clothing store here in Oneonta, and I purchased a whole bunch of things to pattern in the fu