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Transitional Stays Pattern

Hello, strangers! I'm back to post again about those underbust stays from the pre-Regency, in preparation for the Short Stays Sew-Along . I saw these, as the label suggests, at Historic Cherry Hill in Albany, NY. (I don't believe there was any definite provenance, but the house was owned by the Van Rensselaers and most if not all of the collection is original to the family.) They're quite simple to put together. The above pattern is 1" per grid box, and drawn without seam allowances. Here's my guide for scaling up patterns!  The marks at the bottom of the seams should be lined up, and the seams only run down to them. Materials used in the original: unbleached linen canvas linen tape (off-white, but not unbleached) - cotton twill tape is an acceptable substitution linen thread (off-white, but not unbleached) whalebone - cane or plastic are acceptable modern substitutes Process (requires hand-sewing): 1. The two side pieces are cut out of two