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HSM 2016 Challenge #1: Procrastination

Talk about procrastination! I started this dress the same time last year, after I finished a sloppy version of Sabine's short corset to wear under it. I got as far as attaching the front of the bodice to the skirt before feeling like it just wasn't working, and not having the prospect of any era-appropriate events in the near future, set it to one side. But then Regency Women's Dress  came out, and I moved up to the Canadian border, and I was asked to speak about women's clothing at an event this winter, and I needed to finish this. Although it's turned out that I won't be able to do that event, I still needed to finish it! Sometime after moving, I found a wearable mockup long corset I'd made and never gotten around to copying and doing up properly. (NB: I still haven't!) it didn't/doesn't fit quite properly, but the important thing is that it creates the 1810s silhouette, lifting the bust above the natural level. Because of this, I was abl


Now that several months have passed, it's time to post about my Halloween costume. Last year, I participated in the coolest wedding - early bustle themed! Julie (the bride) made her dress from a purple faille, and got purple faille and black taffeta for all the bridesmaids for us to each make a dress or have a dress made. (And then Julie made like six other dresses, she's terrifyingly productive.) On the lawn at Ventfort, doing photos  The wedding was held at Ventfort Hall , a really gorgeous Gothic Revival mansion in western Massachusetts that was the most lovely setting for an historical wedding you could imagine. Lacing corsets! There was a makeup artist and two hairstylists; I did my own makeup, but happily acceded to the ministrations of a trained hair professional because I'm completely incapable of doing anything with my hair. I did bring the hair I've been saving from my comb, which the hairdresser used as a big rat base. (Julie also lent me a braid