Yet More Sources - V&A

The corset is almost finished - I just have to do the cups.  So there will be good pictures soon, I hope.  But for now, I'm looking at more painting sources, this time from the Victoria & Albert Museum.  (Sorry about the color cards - they're probably there to show scale, since a lot of these are miniatures.)

Henry Fuseli, Dream of Queen Katherine, 1781; 1387-1869

 John Keyse Sherman, Sarah Siddons as Euphrasia, 1782; DYCE.77

John Downman and James Jones, Miss Farren and Mr King, as Lady Emily and Sir Clement Flint, 1787; DYCE.2895

Francis Wheatley, Lady Easy's Steinkirk, late 18th century (1785-1795?); P.14-1947

George Romney, Serena, late 18th century; DYCE.22

Richard Cosway, 1790; P.11-1926

Friedrich Tischbein, Lady in a White Cap, 1793; 576-1882

 Francis Wheatley, Young Marlowe and Miss Hardcastle, from She Stoops to Conquer, 1790-1791; P.15-1947

William Marshall Craig, 1794; EVANS.91
NB: the ribbon is wrapped very similarly to ones you can see in adult fashion plates

James Northcote, Lady Wearing a White Dress, 1795; 344-1886
William Wood, ca. 1795; P.12-1932

In the style of Gainsborough, ca. 1795(?); 526-1870

John Smart, 1795; 234-1885

Henry Edridge, ca. 1795; P.90-1929

 Richard Cosway, Said to be Anne Fane, Wife of Col. Thomas Fane, ca. 1795; P.5-1941

Angelika Kauffman, Emma Hart, Lady Hamilton, 1796; 579-1875

 George Chinnery, Elizabeth, Lady Tuite, 1796; 70-1884

Richard Cosway, 1798; P.50-1910

 Sir Thomas Lawrence, Caroline of Bruswick, Wife of George IV, 1798; 121-1877

Luigi Mayer, Clara Mayer, 1799; SD.661

Cottage Interior, ca. 1800; 625-1901

Henry Raeburn, Mrs Hobson of Markfield, ca. 1800; P.8-1921

Charles Roberson, ca. 1800; P.98-1962

Charles Hayter, Portrait of a wife of an East India Company purser, ca. 1800; P.23-1923

George Chinnery, ca. 1800; P.37-1928

George Engleheart, ca. 1800; P.58-1910

 John Hoppner, Miss Mary Linwood, Artist in Needlework, ca. 1800; 1439-1874

Richard Cosway, Princess Amelia, 1802; P.67-1910

George Engleheart, 1805; 357-1907

Edward Francis Burney, An Elegant Establishment for Young Ladies, 1805; P.50-1930

Sir Thomas Lawrence, Paulina, Lady Carrington, 1806; 1360-1874