Magasin des Modes, 7e Cahier, Plate II

January 20, 1787

Dark green satin is no less used for men's full dress than for women's. This color, which suits the figure so well, cannot fail to be seized by both sexes.

The dress suit worn by the man represented in this Plate is of dark green satin. It is all plain. The buttons are of the same stuff. The breeches and waistcoat are also of the same stuff.

White stockings.

Jabot and ruffles of needle lace. Very wide collar.

Hair is in a squared grecque, with three curls in front of each side. The hair behind is confined in a bag.

Very large hat with white plume under his arm, placed in such a manner that the front corner hangs lowest.

A sword with a black scabbard, trimmed with a gold dragoon.

Very large squared silver buckles on his shoes.