Magasin des Modes, 6e Cahier, Plate III

January 10, 1787

Two Busts of women.

The Woman dressed in a pink gown wears a demi-négligé cap. This cap has a double ruffle of white blonde lace, in large pleats. Its crown or base, very puffed, is of blue crêpe, with its two ends hanging behind, on the shoulders, in the form of a veil. This crêpe is dotted with violet bouquets. Between the base and the ruffles, there is a wide, figured ribbon with a white satin ground and violet selvages.

This Woman's hair is frizzed on the top. A single large curl falls from it on each side on the chest. Behind, the hair hangs à la Conseillère. She has a fichu-chemise with two collars on her neck, and gold earrings à la Plaquette in her ears.

The other Woman wears a hat à l'Espagnol, in which satin. (1) The crown of this hat is of pink crêpe. This crown is tied with a purple and pink ribbon, forming a large bow in the back whose ends hand very low, and it is surmounted by three white plumes and a rooster aigrette, dyed flame-color.

This Woman is, like the first, frizzed on the top. Four large curls in two rows fall from it on each side of the chest. Behind, her hair is pulled up in a flat chignon. On the neck, a fichu-chemise with two collars and a jabot in front. In her ears, gold earrings à la Plaquette.

Our continual repetitions of fichu-chemises, fastened with large-headed gold pins, gold earrings à la Plaquette, hair hanging à la Conseillère or pulled up in a flat chignon, etc. show well enough, without our saying it, that these fashions still remain, and that they have not undergone variation.

(1) The hat and cap shown in this Plate, as well as the cap and hat shown in Plate I, are drawn from the Shop of Mademoiselle ROUSSAUD, Marchande des Modes, residing at the corner of the street of the Théatre François and that of the Fossés M. le Prince.


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