Galerie des Modes, 41e Cahier (bis), 6e Figure

Robe à l'Anglaise trimmed with knife pleats edged with a Muslin frill, with cords and buttons matching the Gown, Hat trimmed with a gauze toque negligently fitted with a ribbon. (1784)

Watches. - "The fashion was, some time ago, to have two, but I can only assume it remains.  Most of the watches are little, fewer are good, but the singular thing is that every "agreeable person" wants to have one of that sort."

CARACCIOLI, Critical dictionary, 1768


  1. Thank you for posting this awesome reference picture!
    Which type of support do you think might have been used to achieve the ginormous hips?

    1. Most likely a very large pad (or two?) tied around the waist. Glad you enjoy it!


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